Brandon Tillman

My journey thus far, as a computer enthusiast has been nothing short of awesome! I learn something new every day, and try to apply that to my career as a Sr. Software Engineer, or the crazy startup ideas that I have on a daily basis.

I currently work for a large financial firm in the US.  I started out as a Systems Administrator, leveraging 18k+ computer systems, a bunch of network load balancing devices, and over 800 applications.  After successfully automating workloads and creating tools to make the job easier, I transitioned into a full time developer role, continuing to create tools and automation.

Outside of work, I’m a proud Dad with two kids and the best partner in life.  We enjoy hanging out at home, swimming in our pool and watching Game of Thrones religiously.  I also enjoy playing video games on PC, learning new things, and working on projects!

Technologies I primarily use:

  • .Net Core (C#) | Full Stack development
  • Xamarin | Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • React/Angular | Client-side Web Development
  • .NET Blazor | WASM Cloud Edge Computing

Want to “hire” Brandon Tillman?:

I do freelance development work through my company, MorphStack – feel free to contact me through either site for initial conversations. Thank you!

This is a personal blog, the opinions expressed here represent my own, and not those of my employers.